Use the Predictive Wisdom of Your Entire Organization to Make Better Decisions.



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What We Do

Predictful provides a simple platform for organizations to create a question about a future event or outcome, and invite and allow their Community (stakeholders that could be made up of employees, investors, customers, vendors, etc.) to share their knowledge on these outcomes. This allows leadership to continually ask all of those in their community (employees, customers, partners, vendors, etc.) “What do you know that I need to know?”. This is where the confluence of predictive intelligence and real-time collaboration lives. 

Before the discovery of black swans in Australia, people in the old world were convinced that all swans were white, an unassailable belief as it seemed completely confirmed by empirical evidence. Thus came the Black Swan Theory, a metaphor that describes an event that is a surprise (to the observers), and has a major impact on those observers. This combination of low predictability and large impact makes the Black Swan Theory a great puzzle to organizations everywhere. While predictive analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to model based on massive amounts of historical data, it does not (and cannot) model on black swans; that is, unknown unknowns.


Predictful allows you to identify future opportunities and threats in your organization through insight from your community of employees, stakeholders, and customers, updated in real time. Leaders make better decisions and avoid potential disasters based on this intelligence. The community members are incentivized and rewarded for their accuracy and insight. Everybody wins.


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    Organizational Optimization

    Predictful provides a collective prediction platform that can identify those individuals that have valuable knowledge and insight in your organization.

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    Instant Insight

    Predictful is a communication bridge between your organization and customers, resellers and/or suppliers, allowing you to instantly acquire valuable information about future outcomes to change course
    immediately if necessary.

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    Early Warning System

    With Predictful, you can avoid potential disasters within your organization and make changes necessary before they occur.