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A Dedicated Team Committed to Helping Customers Leverage the Predictive Power of Their Entire Organization


Predictful was founded in 2015, but our roots go much deeper. A number of years ago, Dr. Daniel Smith and Sebastian Seitz worked together to create a concept, an algorithm, and eventually a technology that would help organizations predict the future through leveraging the “Insights of the Many”.  Predictful today is a company that focuses on providing a product that allows organizational leaders to see the collective insight of their community in real time.

We at Predictful help organizations make the best decisions by separating the signal from the noise in order to provide the most complete insight into the future. We truly understand the power in the wisdom of the crowd, and with our technology we easily connect your community with your future world in real time.

We are passionate about understanding the future, just like you, and look forward to working with you.

A Simple Tool to Show You Predictive Outcomes.

Predictful’s crowd intelligence platform brings current business and market conditions and/or outliers to light in real time, allowing decision makers to make adjustments as necessary.

Predictful can easily create real markets in your organization. Prediction markets are measurably superior in forecasting sales and profits, and they can help answer important questions such as whether a new product will launch on time, which of the many products on the drawing boards will make the most money if developed, or the likelihood or success of a merger.


The Predictful Team


  • Matt Filios


  • Gunther Schmidt


  • Marco Buhlmann


  • Daniel Smith

    Scientific Advisor

  • John Serrat

    Sales Advisor

  • Sebastian Seitz

    Technology Advisor

  • James Goodwill

    Technology Advisor

  • William R. Palaia

    SVP, Business Development