Partnering with Predictful

We bring a different approach to Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics; the predictive power of your community. Together, we can align our customers with your expert consulting and our  social intelligence SaaS tool. You provide the consultative chops, we provide the easy-to-use platform that allows organizations to determine future opportunities and threats, before they happen. Jointly we will help our customers benefit from Predictful’s innovative sophisticated algorithms.

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Partner Benefits

  • Access to Predictful Clients

    Our clients need your ability to help them understand which areas they should focus on, who in their community they should invite to share their insights with, and how to properly incentivize them in order for them to stay engaged.
  • Strengthening Relationships

    By being a trusted go-to resource of your client, they count on you to scour the market to find the tools that make a difference to their business. We make you the hero here.
  • Joint Marketing

    We allow our partners to participate in marketing activities with us such as webinars, guest blog posts and other joint media events. Predictful truly believes in the power of partnerships, and this is one of the many ways we show it.
  • Periodic Product Reviews

    Your input and feedback to our product are vital. We always want to provide customers with the best product we can, and your insight is always welcomed.
  • Competitive Recurring Commissions

    We put our money where our mouth is. We provide you the ability to have a recurring revenue stream with our structured commission plan on subscription revenue.
  • A Company on the Move

    We were recently named “100 Most Promising Big Data Companies, 2016” – CIO Review

Why Partner with Us?

As a channel-friendly vendor, we treat you how you deserve to be treated in a Partnership Generate new recurring business with predictive intelligence software that combines human intelligence and machine learning to produce real-time predictive outcomes.

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Choose Your Partner Program

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    Managed Services Provider

    Predictful partners can be Managed Services Providers (MSPs), offering customers the managed software and analytic services solutions they need in the way they want to consume them. Predictful MSPs can provide cloud-based analytics capabilities and solutions to customers quickly and without the overhead of implementing on-site software.

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    Reseller Program

    This program provides customers with access to Predictful software through indirect channels, allowing customers to work with their vendor of choice to acquire a complete solution. Services provided by resellers include consulting, positioning and reselling Predictful software, implementation, education and maintenance. Resellers also give us access to new markets, industries and customer segments where Predictful does not operate currently.

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    White Label Program

    The Predictful White Label program is your way to take advantage of all the services offered by Predictful under your brand name and management. A white label partnership is your opportunity to form a deep-seeded collaboration with Predictful while controlling pricing, support, and solutions for your customers. Contact for more information.