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    Identifying Black Swans

    Prior to starting Predictful, I spent a good deal of time delving into the world of predictive analytics. I had spent significant time the previous 7 years working with marketing and sales analytics, identifying behavioral patterns of customers and prospects that helped companies understand where an individual generally was in the buying process. Recent technology […] Read More

  • dirty-dishes

    The Importance of Incentives, Part I

    As an economist, there are few things that get drilled into you pretty much from Day One as much as one very simple mantra: “incentives matter”. Open up any elementary textbook on the subject (preferably one on microeconomics, because that’s probably closest to what people outside the field would be thinking of when they think of […] Read More

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    The Science of Predicting Revenue

    “Prediction is indispensable to our lives. Every time we choose a route to work, decide whether to go on a second date, or set money aside for a rainy day, we are making a forecast about how the future will proceed— and how our plans will affect the odds for a favorable outcome. – Silver, Nate […] Read More

  • ox

    The Wisdom of the Crowd

      Prediction markets are a powerful way to collect, manage and leverage the wisdom of the crowd. Many organizations are taking advantage of this technology to gain an understanding of a future outcome before it occurs. But where exactly did this notion of the “wisdom of the crowd” emanate? Many believe it begins with the […] Read More

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